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I’m going to get a little personal here because I think what I have to say will resonate with more than a few of you.

A few years ago, I was with a guy who I thought was the love of my life.

I was home from college for the summer and I thought the long-distance thing was treating us well.

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I know this because I saw the pictures of it posted loud and clear on Facebook- a shirtless guy and girl laying on the sheets that I had picked out with the candles I bought in the background- (as I write this I still get goosebumps because THAT’S how thrown I was). To make a long story short, Myspace, Facebook and even Twitter told me every sordid detail of their love story–when they said I love you, when they met each other’s parents, when they moved in together, and basically where they were and what they were doing at every waking moment.

As soon as the friend feed avalanche began, I tried my best to cut my losses by de-friending him, thinking it would mitigate the agony.

Unfortunately both parties had open profiles so I could still find out what they were up to when the urge to stalk took hold.

I wanted to block him, I really did, I just couldn’t summon the strength.

Thanks to a little site called My Space, I soon discovered my perfect guy was cheating–a fact that I never would have caught onto otherwise.

The relationship was over then and there but the pain sure wasn’t. Thanks to Facebook- I knew EVERYTHING about their relationship.Instead, it was exacerbated to the point of brutal, unflinching, immense agony thanks to some friendly little networking sites- I’m talking to you too, Facebook. It started with images taken during the 3 weeks since I first discovered his indiscretion-images that were posted on the day Facebook introduced the beloved friend feed.While I had spent those weeks analyzing every detail of our relationship, asking anyone within ear shot what I had done, what could have gone wrong, how this could have happened, he was in bed with someone else.During those first few months, I was basically a masochist.No matter how much it hurt, I simply couldn’t stop myself from checking on the latest installment of their production of a relationship.I eventually hit a breaking point and decided this behavior was no longer healthy.