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Used prices can run anywhere from around 0 -0, depending on age and condition, for a '90's to current year model. In fact, if it's a true '50's or '60's model (not re-issue), they can cost upwards of ,000-,000.

But we're not going to focus on those in this guide, so from here on just assume we're talking about 90's-2008 models.

Keep in mind that there are a whole slew of others out there including vintage American and Japanese Standards and Squiers, Korean Pro-Tone Squiers, vintage re-issue and anniversary models, Classic and Deluxe Series, Custom Shop models, Artist models etc., that are beyond the scope of this guide. 2/2011 NOTICE: Fender has added the American Special Stratocaster to the Strat line-up as of a while back. These were originally called "American Standard" until around 2000, then underwent some slight changes and were marketed as "American Series".

It's really mind-boggling the number of different kinds of Strats you'll come across. It comes with Texas Special pick-ups and a little nicer/glossier paint than the thin-coat Highway 1, so add this to the Highway 1 as in-between models between the MIM Standards and the American Standards. , which are made in America (aka MIA) at the Fender factory in Corona, CA. In 2008 they underwent some further changes and went back to the "American Standard" moniker.

The "Standard" label identifies them as the standard Fender offering of the Stratocaster "American Standard" will say "Made In U. A" right on the front of the headstock (although this may be found on the back of the headstock on certain non-Standard models).

The American Standard Stratocaster has a typical retail 'street price' of around 00 new.

So a serial number beginning with 'N3' will be a 1993 model and a serial number of 'Z3' will be a 2003 model. A note here for clarification, sometimes production years will carry over into the next year so it is possible to get a guitar with a serial number indicating a year other than the actual production date.

The serial numbers of both will include 5 or 6 additional digits. For example, I've got an American Standard with a serial number starting with 'N5' which is actually a 1996 model.It's got the 50 anniversary sticker (like all the '96's) and the neck pocket and pickguard are stamped '1996'.NOTE : The information below should be current as of the 2009 model year.One of the most confusing guitars for the novice guitar buyer to consider is the Fender Stratocaster (aka Strat). This is not intended to enlighten experts so please keep that in mind while reading.There are so many different variants of the Stratocaster being produced by Fender (or Fender licensed entities) that it's nearly impossible for first time buyers to have any idea what the differences are or why there are so many in the first place. But I believe I've learned enough during my own experiences to be of some assistance and guidance to those just starting out in this endeavor.For the sake of simplicity, I'm just going to talk about the most common recent production Stratocasters.