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Musketeers basically are muskets that can keep pace with knights... Maybe if you find a convenient backward civ or need a rapid extra garrison in a city.... Another building made for the culture lovers ( which I am not ).A Observatory that gives a free artist specialist..May be useful if someone tries a cultural win So, here is the settings( from noble save ): Not the worst that I've seen, but not a big deal also.I think that it requires further intel to decide if settling in place is apropriate ( read: move the warrior 1W, to the hill ) About saves: As usual, pick the level you prefer in the end of the post. Again a small request ( not mandatory ) : We ask the participants to do, if possible, a write-up with the victory save and a description of your game ( strategies, techs researched, wars,...).In the Lonely Hearts Club we explore strategies to cope with one of the most dreaded situations in Civ IV ( possibly the main reason for reloads after the military collapse one ): starting in isolation....

For the Fourth game in BTS the choosed leader was De Gaulle of the French : I confess that I never faced this leader ( playing it or against), so I'll try to guess his strenghts by his traits....Industrious is a no Brainer: wonders, wonders and some more wonders ( oh, and a discount on the forges ), that might help some wonder grabbing strategies....and Charismatic..most of the people think that Char is a war-only trait, but if you look closely char can help you a lot even if you aren't going to a war fest: +1 and one more with Monuments and Broadcast Towers ( making Henge and Eiffel very attractive options ) His UU.All the info should be in spoiler tags ( to not disturb other people's games ).If you want ( we would like to ) post reports at this moments of the game: Checkpoint 1 - when we have explored the island and are aware of what resources it has. I don't think that it may influence this ( alexman wrote that 3.0X saves would load in 3.13, but not the opposite ), but if a problem arrives PM me and I'll try to work it out.Its not so important when this is, but this is a time to discuss city sites etc. __________________ " I'm the Lord of the lords, not the servant of the serfs" - D.