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____________________________________________________________ * It is best if a tiled niche hits layout, in other words hit the grout lines evenly as this one didn't.

You are betting the painted on rubber sealer (tanked) will not leak when your house expands and contracts between summer and winter.

____________________________________________________________ Shower Shelf Niche Sales across Europe: including England, UK, United Kingdom, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Deutschland, Austria, Spain, Italy, Italia, Switzerland, Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera, Netherlands, Nederland, Belgium, Belgie, Denmark, Danmark, Norway, Norge, Sweden, Sverige, Portugal, Holland.

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No special framing needed, rests on backer board and tile.

This one piece inset shower niche looks great when installed and also 5 years down the road.

____________________________________________________________ * Lots of uneven grout lines for mold to grow, caulked corners and tile slivers.

Indeed, the effects on small businesses would be particularly catastrophic if not fatal.

The truly attractive targets would be the overwhelming majority of businesses which are honest, ethical, and legitimate—large companies because of their assets and small merchants because of their vulnerabilities.To the extent that [this legislation] seeks to make varying warranties fit into identical standards, it discourages competitive diversity from coming into play, and to that extent fails to serve the interests of either consumers or business.[W]e believe that voluntary progress has been sufficient to warrant a continued extension of the legislative moratorium on warranties and guarantees.We believe that business should, and will, act to implement the ‘full disclosure’ warranties statement adopted last year by the Chamber.The vast majority of accidents result from human failings.No amount of legislation against employers is going to stop an employee who decides to take a short cut in his job or to shed his steel-toed shoes or safety helmet.