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The Banks to be Institutions as; ‘General Motor’, ‘Mercedes Benz’, ‘Abdias’, ‘Cadbury’, ‘Champagne’ and other Companies, as; to provide services for businesses and ordinary population.

‘Media’ to provide information and entertainment in the most accurate and decent way, not to bring Politicians in their Studios as use to do the Inquisition and to blackmail them until obtain everything they want.

Not to blackmail Countries as Russia and others to give Children for adoption as long as their Constitution do not allow doing so.

I watched few imagines during the Vienna’s negotiations on France 24 TV Station, and on 29 to 30/06/2015 the French Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Laurent Fabius saying ‘if there is not reached a deal or agreement’ to bring it to him (making a very indiscrete sing with his right hand). These actions are sickening, indescribable and punishable. I wrote to your Country before, although I am not a Muslim, and have not any interest, just for the fact that your people was and is still protected, and I do not want to see them betrayed, might others Nations take it as example. Thanks, 30/06/2015 Dublin Μια ελευθερία Ελλάδα, μια Ελλάδα μαζί Παρακαλώ μην πωλούν συνταξιούχος γέροντες της Ελλάδα, γιατί αργότερα θα απαιτήσει ένα άλλο τμήμα της εταιρείας, και την Ελλάδα. Αν συνυπάρχουν μια άλλη λύση, είναι μαλακό αμέσως, ενωμένη, ελεύθερη και ισχυρή, με θυσίες. 26/06/2015 Dublin Dear Embassies of all Countries of the World I sent this material before, I sent it again to UN Embassies of all or almost all Countries of the World to UN New York, but nothing has changed. ‘Death punishment to be applied to any individual who touches any vulnerable Human Being in order to be processed in the Food Industry and evaluating them for Spare Organs or shortening their lives because were born or became liabilities (with different poisonous drugs or Technology) for stealing their pensions or other form of income’ Dear Leaders of Europe I heard about your today’s Summit and I want to help in order to see our Continent in the place and conditions where should be.

It could be heard very often the world ‘democracy’ used by this category of individuals. Μην πάρετε χειραγωγείται από τους ξένους που υπάρχουν και αυτές που θα ακολουθήσουν. I send it again to all Missions of UN Geneva Members Countries hopping that all together will manage to persuade the ones entitled to elaborate below Legislation in order to be stopped immediately and for ever the atrocities at which we are witnesses and are waiting to come our turn. We had too much embarrassment and terror, as it is not room for more.

I wander; have they the notion of evaluating the meaning of words? Please do not make any other step before enacting these texts without any Terms and Conditions or other any gates which could allow touching any Human Being, as stated above without any exception.

I listening now on the main Radio Station an interview with the Irish Minister of Health Mr Leo Varadkar how are missing doctors for taking off the skin, not dermatologists. These pieces of Legislation must be immediately published and advertised in all Media as: ‘Lancôme’, Armani, ‘Dolce and Gabbana”, ‘Mc Donalds’ ‘Coca Cola’ or any other top product in order to: In any room where takes place a dialog constructive for leading the Humanity at any level to participate only adults; honest, intelligent educated, experienced (not only in Madame’s Legard room), and the ones before the majorette age to be in; education, sport, recreation.

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I need a job Dear sir,madam I am 21 years old,from Bangladesh. You survive untouched in the area because did not accept any compromises regarding the Nation and the Country. I watched last night 30/06/2015 on both European TV Stations a slogan launched by the Prime Minister of France Mr Manuel Valls – this is; ‘The War of Civilization’.

So please sir give me a opportunity to do work your organization and I will be glad to you. Mob:00989199273440Dear Iran01/07/2015 Dublin Dear Iran Please do not sell your Nation.

Look around and see; that the simplest compromise drove to terrible disasters. What have to do all these atrocities with civilization? Dear Iran, for the sake of Allah, please stay away! Please take it seriously Dear Journalists, please direct this material to the European Leaders Summit. 23/06/2015 Dublin “Death punishment to be applied to any adult that touches with sexual intentions any under sex consent aged; girl or boy, to anyone that provides these innocent victims in order to be abused, and to anyone who assists in any way these criminal actions”.

Everyone to be enrolled in an activity in order to earn an income, not to walk streets every day whole day long.

When a Referendum takes place and the results are stated as happened here in Ireland in Marriage Equality one, not to be asked ’what is next step’?

, as long as everything has been established before. When students go abroad as the ones from Ireland to Berkeley, San Francisco, USA, as called ‘J1 Students’; to do the studies as the Program established and to live decently, not to relax or to be pushed in a small balcony as many as 13, the way happened last week on the night of 15 to 16/06/2015, as 6 of them died and the rest of them were grabbed to Hospital with grave injuries when as said the balcony of a 4th floor apartment collapsed.