Line dating slammed

You are sitting comfortably on a date with the girl you like more and more every minute.

You get to that point of conversation where you’re about to share what you want to do with your life in the next ten to twenty years. Basically she waits for you to say “Yeah, I have never believed in that thing anyway”. While this means something similar to the previous one, but still different.

You sit there a bit disappointed and crushed – after all you kind of liked her and you thought this just might get serious enough… There are few things that may have happened, so be a man and DON’T rush to conclusions immediately. Maybe she’s still recovering from the previous botched relationship.Maybe she just hasn’t met the right guy for so long she got too cynical about it.Or maybe she’s just saying it out loud so that it would turn out not true. What you really want to do is figure out what does she hide behind those words.It’s a little dating game and you absolutely must play it – unless you want to bail out right there and then.In either case you’ll end up knowing more about where your relationship is going and that’s a good thing. Women have this “seventh sense”, they feel when you just coming out of a bad relationship, so unless you’re looking for mother-son type of relationship (more on that later) – don’t! Speaking from experience, it’s best done during the next mentioned activity. Even after you get over the break up, you still will be trying to take things as they used to be. Whatever your ex was telling you about the way she wanted you to dress – forget that for a moment and dress nice and appropriate.

Just yesterday one of my friends was telling me how she broke up with her live-in boyfriend on January 1st. Just yesterday you were celebrating and kissing, and today she slammed the door in your face and went to live with her parents/friend or (even worse) her new boyfriend. It doesn’t matter anymore just after the moment you broke up. Now, you back on the dating market, what should you do? Maybe she will let you slide once after you say “My ex-girlfriend always made coffee in the morning”, but if it gets a bit too repetitive you may find making only one cup of coffee instead of two. Maybe she liked that “bad boy” style, maybe she wanted to be seen with total geek – whatever her choice was, there is a little chance you will make exactly the same impression on all the other girls you are planning to meet.Or it could have been you who slammed the door and told her to go somewhere else. So dress up, just a notch above the line so she would take you seriously.First thing you should do is t0 take a deep breath before you say anything else.Think the response through, as that may be an end to the date or a beginning of a beautiful relationship. Now the important this is NOT TO SAY ANYTHING ELSE.If you blurt something like “and then maybe you will reconsider and marry me”, especially on a first or a second date – you’re in a bad shape. Everyone knows it, but it doesn’t mean she will accept your “love handles, “. Don’t bring your old relationship into the new one.Just let it hang in there, because it’s a proposition to leave things going the way they were before. If she’s not – you don’t need to waste your time and energy on her anymore. I know, it’s hard, but until you do – don’t even think of showing up on any dating web site. Once you over the break up, think why your relationship failed, especially how you contributed to the failure. Get back to your gym, your diet, your running routine, whatever – just get back in shape ASAP. This may sound like #1 on the list, but I actually mean something else.