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from left to right Rabbi Elieser Silver, Rabbi Shmuel Yitzchak Hilman the father in law of Chief Rabbi Isaac Herzog [ the 2 Sefardi Chachamin are I Rav Jacob Adess And Rav Efraim Hakohen. Horovitz Jerusalem Genealogist Hi Eilat, I have seen your name on Jewish Gen but don;t remember if we have been in touch before.

I found Andi's article about the Alperovich family and I wrote to her because of the names.

My late husband was Shneur Zalman, named for his grandfather Shneur Zalman Alperovich.

This may be Zyechlin incorrectly written down by the clerk.He lived in East End of London married a Dora Dembinski and had 11 children named Rose, Ada, Susan, Sarah, Israel, Annie, Eva, Louis, Abraham, Phillip and Rebecca. Africa, gives his place of origin in 1911 as Krakow so I do not know where they originated as they may have been born in one place and then moved somewhere else.If anyone recognises any of these names I would really appreciate hearing from you. I found an amazing online site today that included a photograph of my great-great grandfather's house in Kaunas, Lithuania; which was built in 1866. Varshavchik’s house was built for the Jewish merchant Faivuch Varshavchik. The construction work was never completed: once having started to build a large warehouse-barn the owner must have run short of funds to complete the residential premises.Nechamah married in Antwerp and went with her husband to England. I attach pictures of the Alperovich family and wondered if you could see any family resemblances.The young woman on the left, Jean, was born to one of the Alperovich sisters in Philadelphia and the woman on the right is presumably her mother.

I also attach a tree showing what I have managed to piece together about the Alperovich family but I think the sisters' names are not correct. Kind regards, Judy Wolkovitch I am looking for the descendants of Joseph Samuels.

The only names of which I am certain are Faigle Raize, Nechama and Abram who supposedly remained in Lithuania. In the 1891 England census he gives his place of origin as Iochlin.

Today I found your website and saw the name Strashun.

My late husband's grandmother was Nechamah Engel (nee Alperovich - daughter of Shneur Zalman Alperovich) and she went from Lithuania with the Strashun family to Antwerp acting as a 'nanny'.

Her sisters went to Philadelphia but as I am not sure of their first names I have never been able to trace them.

However because of the connection between Alperovich and Strashun the family tree I have must join with yours at some point.