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In fact, a week before her reported suicide, Cathriona shared a pic of three of her sister’s kids when they went back to school. She shared pictures online from both a Los Angeles Kings hockey game and a Los Angeles Clippers playoff game.

She even reportedly began to practice Transcendental Mediation a year prior to her death.

Our thoughts and condolences continue to go out to Cathriona’s family and loved ones, as well as to Jim, during this sad time.

“So in the spring, everyone is in love in those magazines.

And in the fall, they’re falling apart.” The star later says he doesn’t think he’ll ever get married for a third time, explaining, “I just don’t see it as necessary at this point.” Carrey also talks to Stern about hosting “Saturday Night Live,” living with his parents as a young actor in Hollywood, his classic 1990s roles and enormous success, drug addiction, going on a spiritual vision quest, and much more.

Hear the interview below, and tell us what you think about what Carrey has to say.

In an interview on Tuesday’s “The Howard Stern Show,” Carrey reflected on his romantic history (which has included high-profile relationships with Jenny Mc Carthy, Lauren Holly and Renee Zellweger), and revealed that he’s now learned to stay under the radar with his personal life.

Asked how he’s keeping things quiet, Carrey answers, “Date people that aren’t famous, that’s one of the keys.” He tells Stern, “It’s really not personal…

if you hook up with someone who’s famous, you become a sell-able commodity, and that’s the most important thing in those magazines.It’s not what you’re doing in the movies, it’s who are you with, what are you doing, are you breaking up.” “It’s a cyclical pattern of seasons,” continues Carrey. Cathriona White was only 30-years-old when law enforcement officials reportedly discovered her lifeless body inside a Los Angeles home.The girlfriend of Jim Carrey, 53, allegedly killed herself with a reported drug overdose. Two years after they broke up, Jim and Cathriona reportedly got back together.As authorities piece together what led to her sad demise, let us learn more about who this woman was. In May 2015, they were spotted holding hands while walking the streets of New York City, reports 4. Cathriona had a sister named Lisa White and Cathriona was a beloved aunt to reportedly four nieces and three nephews.Cathriona often posted pictures of her cherished relatives to her Instagram account. In addition to her make-up work, Cathriona was interested in biking, travelling, cooking, home decorations and even sports.