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You don’t want to drop and gain weight all the time.That’s one of the hardest and, you know, main drawbacks from my job is that my weight yo-yos.

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Padma had previously divorced author Salman Rushdie before dating billionaire Teddy Forstmann.After he tragically died of brain cancer in 2011, she dated and had a daughter with Adam Dell.Named Krishna Thea Lakshmi-Dell, the little girl is now 3-years-old.In his book “She was capable of saying things of such majestic narcissism that he didn’t know whether to bury his head in his hands or applaud.When the Indian movie star Aishwarya Rai was named the most beautiful Indian woman in the world in some glossy magazine or other, for example, Padma announced, in a room full of people, that she had ‘serious issues with that.’ Her moodiness was unpredictable and extreme.”When I’m off of ‘Top Chef,’ you know, I gain 10 or 15 pounds every season, and what it takes me six weeks to gain, it takes me 12 weeks to lose.

Because your body actually holds on to fat more when it feels like it’s deprived of fat.

So you want to lose weight slowly and as hard as that is sometimes to wait for, it’s much healthier.

Although both celebrities try to avoid the media spotlight, they publicly began dating six months ago.

Gere is 64, while Padma is 44, and the 20-year age difference may have made them decide that they are better as pals than partners, said a source.

“[Gere and Lakshmi] decided they would be better as friends,” said the insider.

Padma has stated repeatedly that she is single, joking about her life without mentioning the break-up during recent appearances on the .