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The romance coaches offer tips on appearance, teach dating etiquette, give e-feedback on dates gone wrong, and trouble-shoot for ongoing problems.Falzone says such services can benefit "anybody who is trying to get back out there and anyone who has been out there and is not succeeding." Â Falls Church, Va.-based executive romance coach Leslie Karsner, author of The Long Distance Romance Guide and the forthcoming The Romance Plan, has been coaching single and married folk for four years.

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By Jennifer Benjamin Miss that erotic charge you had when your love was brand-new?

Reboot in the bedroom with these tips for turning up the heat on your old flame.

Long-term love brings all sorts of advantages: a shared history with the guy you love most, a partner who you know will always have your back, and a warm, satisfying sexual connection that can only come from years of intimacy.

Still, as great as it is to know each other so well in bed, how could you not miss that crackle and spark... Falzone, the CEO and founder of the Right One and the Together Dating Service, isn't surprised.

"He talked about his last girlfriend and how he gets picked up all the time by women," says Ruth, a New York City-based e-commerce executive. Â "If it's 'I, I, I' or 'Me, Me, Me,' it's such a turnoff.

"He talked about how he loves to fly to Nice for the weekend and then jump on a helicopter to Monaco." Â Yet he didn't even spring for dinner. If you're doing well, good for you -- but keep it to yourself," he tells Web MD.

 A growing number of single and even married men and women seem to crave such advice.

 In an era where we hire coaches to help us organize our closets, our finances, and just about every other aspect of our lives, it's no wonder that a growing group of individuals, like Falzone, are making their living as romance coaches.