Itunes genius not updating caroline wozniacki dating fernando verdasco

The guy explained that genius works on a combination of local and global information, local being information from my computer, and it needs local information before it can make a playlist.

I just can't believe there's not enough local or global information to make a genius playlist with these songs.It doesn't explain why a song used to work but no longer does.Plus the suggestion that I need local data before genius will work is not correct.I followed along with the article, generating playlists for specific songs I had, but other songs didn't seem to produce a list whether they were obscure or popular.Looking online, I found this discussion on Apple's forums and the consensus among these users is that Genius playlists stopped working for any song released after April 2010.

I tried the following songs that did not produce playlists: The common explanation for not producing a Genius playlist is that the song is too obscure or has not been included in other people's playlists. I find it hard to believe that Come Together is in fewer playlists than Crossroads.

From the Apple discussion previously referenced: I called Apple Support about it and got escalated one step up the chain.

The app store on my Mac Mini (2.7GHZ I7 running 10.7.4) tells me I have 3 apps that need to be updated. It seems to be somwhere in /library/Cookies file but I don't have a file in my library labeled "cookies".

Whenever I try to update them, I get an error message that reads " We could not complete your request. I also saw another post where they tried to delete it in terminal, but that had no effect for me.

I've gone online and saw that some people were fixing the problem by erasing some kind of hidden cookie.

After reading the article comparing Google's Instant Mix to i Tunes Genius to a third I've never heard of (the article author works there), I decided to try the playlist feature again after not using it for quite a while.