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The premise allows for writer-director Joko Anwar to craft an intense thriller, but we have an escape route by knowing that the protagonist can’t be trusted.When Anwar finally makes his big reveal, we’re glad we were never too invested.

The tape shows a pregnant woman being stabbed to death by a masked figure.Before he can even make sense of the horror, a mysterious figure comes to kill him and he must continue fighting for his survival.His terror is made worse when he learns that the woman was his wife and that his two kids are missing.We learn that the man is an amnesiac within the first five minutes of the film and from there on, we can’t stop wondering what he’ll end up remembering.Introducing an unreliable protagonist at the start of a movie is a tricky proposition. Why doesn’t the main character have the full facts and what is the secret regarding his identity?

He’s in the dark and so we’re in the dark, and together we’re trying to find out the truth.But that kinship with the protagonist is broken when we remember that while the main character may be trying to get to the truth, he can’t be trusted.has to function on these dynamics, and they prove to be the film’s undoing.That reveal will change everything that came before and so we can’t become fully invested in the present.Instead of being caught up in the man’s terror, we’re always wondering what he’s hiding from us.But at the same time, giving the man a fractured psyche provides a nice addition to the predator-prey horror film.