Hyperhidrosis dating

If it takes longer to get your heart rate up you will sweat less or take longer to break a sweat. Exercise more, build your stamina, get in good shape. My girlfriend always wore glasses when we had sex, even though she doesn't need to wear them. There is a def difference to gettin sexy sweaty and havin a guy drip sweat all over you. Try diff positions when get that sweaty where can use a towel and not her face to catch the sweatmaybe its just me, but i see nothing wrong with working up a good sweat during sex.One day I told her I love how she does that "sexy librarian" thing in bed, how it turns me on. If my guy is dripping down on me, I wipe his forehead and face and keep the party going.. Yes, I have been rained down on be4 lol I also have an issue sometimes...and the worst is when your own sweat drips into an eye.... So that is when I break out a camo headband and do a bit of a Rambo act....complete with Tai Chi stretching exercises...

I have a problem sometimes when I have a good partner that I sweat all over the lady and most didnt like it.

I had one lady refuse to date me because I sweated all over her during intercourse.

I was wondering just have anybody ever had this problem about sweating during sexual intercourse. Controlled breathing can also help, alot of people hold and skip breathes, during intercourse..not prolly a thing MOST gals get HOT over...i know plenty that DOOO.....

I had have..a partner that sweats...it's funny because I know exactly when he will stop and wipe his head..I wipe his head for him...only thing i can say about this is....a woman loves you or is into you...it won't matter...is kind enough to make sure it does not drip on me, but I sweat some as well especially if I'm the one doing all the worklol........ I say if your not sweating , your not putting in a solid effort in the bedroom, unless it is a quickie, or your partner is super lazy which it sounds like they were... even some that BEGGG for me to let my sweat fall on their body...aside from them..seem like a sweatbox...turn the AC down to 50 degrees You sweat because your heart rate is up and your body is cooling itself. "I wear those glasses to keep your f**king sweat out of my eyes".

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I have a problem sometimes with sweating during sexual intercourse.

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