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HBS is one of the only business schools that has a full campus to itself.

As a result, the majority of students choose to live in dorms or 1-3 bedroom apartments right on campus.

A quarter of the students live across the Charles River in Cambridge and walk 5-15 minutes to campus, while a handful live in nearby Allston or other neighborhoods.

Air-conditioned, covered parking is available on campus, but it’s not cheap.

You’re looking at approximately ,000 per year to park your vehicle on campus.

Further residential information can be found at: edu/mba/studentlife/“What are the students like? I think it’s an unfair question because in a program with 1,800 people, you’re bound to find both people you adore and people you abhor.

That said, I will do my best to identify the common threads you’ll find that run through most students and the differences in people that have been purposefully designed by the Admissions Board.

It is the afternoon, after classes are over, where the most variability in students’ schedules lies.

Common activities including working out or sports, club meetings, networking events, hearing a speaker, and studying.

Many nights also include group dinners, bar hopping, game nights, music and theater put on by students, or even traveling to various destinations around the globe.

While you can engineer your schedule any way you want, one thing is for certain: you will absolutely never be bored.