Guardian newspaper dating service

Soulmates currently runs in both The Guardian and The Observer newspapers and will have its own site at

The online service has a search function to allow users to search ads for location, age and gender.

It will include dating tips, stories and ideas for putting together a successful ad.

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Respondents can then dial a number to hear the advertiser's voice, at a cost of £1 per minute.Advertisers can choose to receive text messages to notify them when they receive replies to their ad.Simon Waldman, director of digital publishing at Guardian Newspapers, said: "Making Soulmates available on Guardian Unlimited, which has a large proportion of users who don't read either paper, will make the service accessible to a whole new audience." The website will be advertised in The Guardian and The Observer and throughout the Guardian Unlimited network.If you have an opinion on this or any other issue raised on Brand Republic, join the debate in the Forum here. The paper was run on a shoestring, but made possible by the revolution in “desktop publishing” of the 1980s.

The space for contestation of the apartheid regime was closing down, and these journalists felt there should be a publication that kept that space open.

It would report news that the South African public was technically not allowed to know, particularly the news of township “unrest” and police repression that was restricted under the State of Emergency laws promulgated by then-president PW Botha in 1985.

often sailed close to the legal wind, trying to dodge these emergency laws and inform the public about what was really going on in South Africa.

The country was in a state of barely suppressed civil war as more and more people challenged the authority of the apartheid government.

The paper revealed the white rulers’ support for Renamo in Mozambique and kept a tally of activists in detention.

Eventually, in 1988, the state succeeded in shutting downfor three months, but support for the paper was rallied and it reopened in late 1988 and kept going.