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The repairs are not covered by homeowner insurance policies – and they are expensive (,000 – ,000 for water lines, and ,000 – ,000 for sewer lines.) BUT the city is here to help.

For .78 a month you get protection for your water line and for .70 a month you get protection for you sewer line. In a year that tiny monthly fee will have cost you 2.

It sounds nice, only a small fee conveniently added to your already increasingly expensive monthly water bill. In fifteen years, it will have cost you almost ,500 – and that’s not adding in probable rate increases. The Protection Plan is provided by American Water Resources (AWR).

The company has been around for a while, providing similar protection plans to homeowners in Long Island and other parts of New York State for over 10 years.

SO the program only covers line damage due to “normal wear and usage.” This type of damage may be cause by tree roots, rust, erosion, etc.

This type of damage generally happens at the end of the life expectancy of your pipe line – about 40-70 years.

SO public roadways and sidewalks are covered under the program.

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“DEP is pleased to announce that we have partnered with American Water Resources (AWR) to offer a Water and Sewer Service Line Protection Program to our customers.

This voluntary program is designed to protect New York City homeowners from the unexpected costs of service line repairs.” The letter then goes on to explain that NYC homeowners are completely responsible for paying for any repairs to damaged water or sewer service lines that run from their homes to municipal services lines in the street.