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My spirit will live through the team, hoping for success in every discipline.

I am honored to be selected for the World Championships and hope to make the USA Proud!

This unfortunately means Gracie and Max, who are both extremely modest, kind, and classy competitors, will not be this year’s US Olympic love story.However, Gracie is definitely going to be an Olympic stand out that we remember for years to come.I mean could there be a better name for a skater than Gracie Gold?You may have seen Gracie Gold’s Instagram post about her “boyfriend Mr.Gorilla,” a larger than life stuffed animal she jokingly called her boyfriend on twitter.

Well, it turns out she has moved on from the oversized primate and has since struck up a relationship with another skater. The four-leaf clover is for good luck at worlds, the 21 should remind you to have fun and let loose, and the heart is to remind you of me As many of you are already aware, Gracie is shaping up to be America’s sweetheart in this year’s Winter Olympic Games.Gracie Gold’s boyfriend is Max Aaron, a former Junior National Champion figure skater and 2014 U. It is not exactly clear when or how Gracie and Max became an item, but just about a year ago Max posted a photo to Instagram that more than confirmed their relationship. In Mid-January she not only became the US National Champion, clinching one of three coveted Olympic spots, but she proved to be a graceful (no pun intended) competitor… Max on the other hand narrowly missed a chance at one of two Olympic positions on the men’s figure skating team when he placed third at nationals in Boston.The picture, which Max captioned “woke up to these awesome cupcakes from my girl @graciegold, shows 2 plates of cupcakes and a mushy love note that reads: Max, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wanted to take the time to write something from the heart.I am so sorry I can’t be there to celebrate with you. We’ve had a lot of great times together and I can’t wait to see you again. I want to thank my friends, family, fans, and sponsors for all the support this year leading to my first Olympic Trials.It breaks my heart knowing I won’t be at the games but I know we have an amazing team.Congratulations to all the team members, especially my friends Jeremy and Jason.