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It often doesn't cause any obvious symptoms but can lead to a persistent infection.

Go directly to: Hepatitis B Gonorrhoea ('the clap') Non-specific urethritis (NSU) Chlamydia Shigella Genital herpes Syphilis Genital warts Pubic lice ('crabs') Scabies Using a condom helps protect against HIV and cuts the risk of getting many other STIs.

There are more gay men living with HIV than ever, so having sex without using a condom is extremely risky.

Gary Williams from Birmingham's Healthy Gay Life project says that many STIs are more difficult to treat if you've got HIV.

Some, like syphilis, may even accelerate HIV's progression.

"We're also seeing a rise in cases of hepatitis C, particularly in men who have HIV.

Hepatitis C is treatable in some cases, but it's a long and drawn-out process.So to prevent its spread, use a condom." Screening for hepatitis C isn't routinely carried out, but if you think you're at risk or have been exposed, speak to your GP. "Gay men should have a check-up at least every six months at a sexual health clinic because, for some infections, you will not see any symptoms," says Williams.Hepatitis B is a viral infection that causes inflammation of the liver.Vaccination for MSM is available from sexual health clinics, genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinics or from GPs. This bacterial infection can cause stinging when urinating or the feeling that you want to urinate but can't. It's caught in the same way as gonorrhoea and often has similar symptoms. This is a bacterial infection of the urethra, rectum or throat.NSU can also be caused by having lots of sex or masturbating a lot, which causes the urethra to become inflamed. There may be a discharge and pain when passing urine or pain in the testicles (although chlamydia can be symptom-free). This is a bacterial infection of the intestine that causes severe diarrhoea and stomach cramps. It can be caught during sexual activity, including anal-oral sex ("rimming") and giving oral sex after anal sex.It can be caught during sex with an infected person in the same way as gonorrhoea and NSU. It is spread very easily – all it takes is a tiny amount of infected poo (faeces) getting into your mouth.