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It's a 2 month trial and not a Subscription as you do not enter any CC info, you won't be charged/auto-renewed.

Don't select any plan and enter any random us address.

To re-start trial, re-subscribe with another e-mail or use lucky0810 method. found a workaround of re-activating on the same account. Go to the website, type in your Radio ID, Type in the same postal code, BUT a different last name Step 2. Now on the top right corner, click "My account" from the drop down, log in to your account Step 5.

Should come up as an eligible radio if followed step 1. Under your existing radio ID, select Activate subscription Step 6.

Under subscription options, you will now see "Activate my complimentary trial" Step 7. Edit: I entered a US address but when it goes to the plans or packages, it selects Sirius Select by default.