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The School Board's attorney for the case, Monica Vela-Vick, would not comment on the suit.The school system's responsibility The plaintiffs say the school system "aided and abetted" Dufresne and Respess" by allowing inappropriate teacher-student relationships to develop at Destrehan High School" both before and after their encounters with Dufresne's English student.

Charles public school system for damages in civil court, saying problems go back years.

Taxpayers could be on the hook for teacher sex abuse at Destrehan High School, paying damages for what ex-instructors Shelley Dufresne and Rachel Respess did with a 16-year-old student from Dufresne's English class.

In a previously unreported lawsuit, the boy and his parents are suing the St.

She has pleaded not guilty in Jefferson Parish to having sex with the same boy at Respess' apartment in Kenner; Respess has pleaded not guilty to failing to report that crime. The boys' parents filed their lawsuit in August, misspelling both teachers' names, according to court records.

The family amended it in February after School Board attorneys said it wasn't specific enough, and that the student must be a plaintiff because he has reached age 17 and is no longer a minor.

All three plaintiffs are identified by their initials. The case was automatically assigned to Judge Emile St. He and the other two judges of the 29 Judicial District Court recused themselves, as they had done in the criminal case against her.

To preside, the Louisiana Supreme Court appointed Robert Klees, a retired judge of the state's Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal in New Orleans.

Charles Parish public school system, demanding damages and saying officials have failed to protect children for years.

That case, plus two that were brought to light more recently at Destrehan High and Hahnville High, have drawn international attention and sparked disbelief over how one small, high-ranked Louisiana public school system could have so many teachers taking advantage of students.

The victim in the Dufresne-Respess case was 16, younger than the age of consent.

Furthermore, state law prohibits all sex between students aged 17 to 20 and their teachers unless the two are married or separated in age by four years or fewer. Charles Parish to obscenity, for having sex with the student at a home in Montz, where she lived.