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The Social Contract also caused the NDP to lose much of their base in organized labour, further reducing support for the party.

The Liberal Party under Lyn Mc Leod had been leading in the polls for most of the period from 1992 to 1995, and were generally favoured to benefit from the swing in support away from the NDP.

However, the party hurt its credibility through a series of high-profile policy reversals in the period leading up to the election.

Her decision was seen as cynical and opportunistic in light of the Liberals' earlier rural by-election loss in the socially conservative riding of Victoria—Haliburton.

This gave the Mc Leod Liberals a reputation for "flip-flopping" and inconsistency while offending its socially progressive supporters.

The televised party leaders' debate is often regarded as the turning point of the campaign.

During the event, Mc Leod further alienated many voters with an overly aggressive performance.

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The Ontario general election of 1995 was held on June 8, 1995, to elect members of the 36th Legislative Assembly of the province of Ontario, Canada.

The writs for the election were dropped on April 28, 1995.

The governing New Democratic Party, led by Premier Bob Rae, was defeated by voters, who were angry with the actions of the Rae government such as the Social Contract legislation in 1993.

Harris used his time to speak directly to the camera to convey his party's Common Sense Revolution platform, virtually ignoring all questions asked of him by Rae and Mc Leod and avoiding getting caught up in their debate.

Since Liberal support was regarded by many political insiders as soft and unsteady, many voters who were previously leaning to the Liberals shifted to the Progressive Conservatives after the debate.

The Progressive Conservative Party, led by Mike Harris, found success with its Common Sense Revolution campaign to cut personal income taxes, social assistance (welfare) rates, and government spending dramatically.