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Whether you’re facing a Minnesota DWI, drug, theft or assault charge, the first critical thing you want to do is to invoke your right to remain silent and request an attorney.You have no obligation to make the government’s case for them.Don’t give them the evidence they need to convict you – remain silent and contact a An arraignment is a hearing where you are formally read the charges against you.

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Or easier for them – the one’s out to close an investigation and make an arrest?

You don’t have to do the government’s work for them.

Cooperation with the police, providing them with information before you speak to a If you’ve watched even one second of “Law & Order” or the nightly news you know what an arrest looks, but do you know what you should do if you’re the one arrested?

No matter the circumstances, if you believe that you are being investigated by the government your best defense is to call a right away.

I have seen it time and time again – in the early, critical stages of a case, when you’re not represented by a lawyer, many well-meaning individuals provide way too much information to the police and it often can come back to haunt them.

If you learn one thing today, remember this: You are under no obligation to provide the government with any information – except your personal identification.When an officer says that by cooperating you can make things “easier” – ask yourself this: Easier for who?A Felony is the most serious type of crime that you can be charged with in the State of Minnesota.The potential punishment, if you are convicted of a Felony, is at a minimum – a sentence of more than a year in jail.Typical Felony prosecutions often play out in the same manner as Misdemeanors do.If you are charged with a Minnesota Felony or Misdemeanor, your first, best move is to call a In a lot of cases, before any arrests are ever made, a police investigation is conducted; sometimes that can take weeks, at other times it can take mere minutes.