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This is 3D virtual sex chat where you can interact with other players real time and be whatever you want. There seems to be an unreasonably high ratio of women to men on here. Start out with chatting, dancing, and various romantic gestures.Sexual interactions range from kissing and touching to orgasms and fisting, plus everything in between with a truckload of positions to choose from.All of this can play out one on one or in a group and there are tons of outfits and body customizations.Take a look at the before and after, and then feast your eyes on the video to see in action what these visual improvements have done to these highly sexual girl on girl encounters.In the first part you should help cleaner with her job. The spots that need to be cleaned will be marked as shiny stars.

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Girlvania: Summer Lust has been improved in a variety of ways, mainly in terms of visual representation. Fancy things like Ambient Occlusion Shadows and Light Scattering (through skin).

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