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Wow wow i can't wait to meet you in person to look at your lovely and most beautifullest face.reading from you once again, thank you for your mail which did not say much about you but i do understand and know more about you..

I am very young at heart, lively, energetic with lots of interests, although my clubbing days are probably behind me now!!! And the reasons are My parent got divorced in the process of their marriage, And i was taken by my Mum to Finland where i grew up........... After they had met the both got married and latter settled in the U. I spent all my childhood days in Finland ,i'd completed high school and latter acquired a masters degree in Mechanical Engeneering..the University way back in Finland and then decided to settle with the united states army since i had the passion to be in the army when i was a kid........ So that makes me as orphan left with me and my son as a family, And currently my son who is 13years old called Maxwell Kern is currently in boarding school school in Texas ....I still do lots of the things I did when I was younger, going to see live music and festivals (although the camping gets harder every year!!! My Mum was Finnish and my dad was an American................. I really loved my wife and thought she loved me also , Until one Tuesday came home without not letting her know . mom traces her lineage to Finland while dad healed from America hence the dual citizenship.I am an E6 Staff Sergeant and a combat engineer Based in Afghanistan .... Base in Afghanistan: white horse camp and Base: in Delaware DROVERT BASE CAMP thats in US.. Professionally I am a mechanical Engineer as you know already.I have been in the army for 30 years now Delaware is situated on the eastern coastline of the United States of America.... SO basically I work and supervise the maintenance of the jeeps and cars here, I have an idea about guns and explosives too so I train soldiers especially the younger troops here about how to go about such things, I keep them fit, I'm senior Officer so I go on night patrols and supervise check points at nights as well and that's the most dangerous part of all, I have lost some colleagues here...

I will now end here and wish to hear from you soon Kisses and hugs Richard xxx Letter 2 Hi..

Good evening my new friend , Hope all is well with you ..thanks for your lovely and interesting email can you send me your lovely and beautiful photos .shot of words and don't know what to say now.are a very beautiful and lovely woman and i can't imagine why you are still single..

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Now i'm willing to meet someone lovely,nice,kind,caring,honest and sincere as my life time companion, I am a romantic, caring woman and would like nothing better than to fall madly and hopelessly in love with me, Looking forward to meeting some serious and ready to start a relationship..... I am currently on Based in Afghanistan and am waiting for my retirement papers so that i can leave here and it can be any moment from now... and that is one main reason why i joined the dating website even though its not safe out here to be using the internet and everything i still had a thought about dating since for a long time now i never went on a date and am about to go on retirement and want to have that special woman in my life so that when i come back on retirement i can be with till the end of the world.