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franchise is one of Japan's most lucrative properties.

Each year, it floods the market with accessories, spin-off manga, and action figures—and I mean tons and tons of action figures. It's an Engrish pun mixing the Japanese pronunciation of third, "saado," and second, "sekando" to create "sando." In other words, they pronounce the title of this music game as "sound impact.") But while an conventional weapon attack on the angel.

On top of this, a year can hardly go by without a game or two being released. The next song either focuses on syncing the pilots to their Evas or is a look into their psyches.

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And best of all, you even get a Misato-narrated "next time on has six different types of music games as you play through the 30-track set list. The "repeat the pattern" gameplay whenever the UN attacks the angels is great fun, as are the "standard music game" hexagon and AT field destruction levels.

However, the stages where you read the characters' minds are just plain horrible.

The "music" is nothing but ambient noise—often with no rhythm.

And when you guide the brain scan line through a memory, all you get is a random voice clip from the films.

It doesn't happen all the time by any means, but when it does, the gameplay practically disappears into the flashy backgrounds, ruining any chance for a high score.

In addition, as you play, your sync-ratio goes up for each correct button press you make.

When it reaches 100%, you switch to a second gauge that this time fills up to 400%.

There's no theme, really, just tons of out-of-context quotes.

The worst level of this type is for Kaoru, who had had no more than a dozen lines in both films combined—and yes, it uses them all.

While the graphics are generally good, there is one glaring problem that affects several of the levels: the button prompts can be quite hard to see.

This is because the prompts often share a color palette with the background video.