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Ridge's overprotective mother, Stephanie Forrester at first despised Taylor and warned her to stay away from Ridge so he would go back to Brooke, who had married Stephanie's ex-husband, Eric Forrester.

At Christmas time in 1990, Storm proposed marriage to Taylor, but she rejected him and he left town.

Ridge also proposed to Taylor, but she wondered if he was only doing so because Brooke was unavailable.

The character departed In 2002, returning briefly in 2004, then officially returned on contract status from March 2005 to July 2013, then remaining on recurring status up until October 2014.

She is the psychiatrist in Los Angeles, intertwined in medical and personal story lines in the serial.

She was originally a side character to assist Ridge Forrester and Caroline Spencer Forrester during her battle (and death) while fighting Leukemia.

However, she developed a relationship with Ridge, and over her years on the show has battled with Brooke Logan for his affections.

She married Ridge and together they had three children, a son Thomas, and twin daughters Steffy, and Phoebe Forrester (who died in 2008).

They have endured many challenges as a couple, and have been married twice, though they divorced in 2006, and had a short marriage in 2009. She was assumed dead in the 1990s, and once again in October 2002, and she was revealed to be alive after being shot by Sheila Carter, having been recovering from her wounds during being kidnapped by Omar Rashid.The character's other notable storylines include marriage to Nick Marone and Whip Jones and a relationship with the younger Rick Forrester.She has a close friendship with the show's leading female (her ex mother-in-law) Stephanie Forrester, and has had an almost 2-decade long rivalry with Brooke Logan. She was known to have a play-relationship which went no where with Storm Logan when they were attending high school together, as seen in one of Taylor's first episodes when they met up in a café/restaurant after years apart. Tylo expressed that she wanted to have a story line involving her mother, however was never a possibility due to the unseen character's death.They showed small interest in each other, however Taylor was more involved with Ridge. Taylor was also in an abusive relationship with Blake Hayes during his appearance from 1991-1992.Taylor's father (who has appeared in several episodes of the show included after Taylor's return In 2005) is Jack Hamilton (Christopher Robinson), he was first seen at her 1992 wedding to Ridge. When Caroline Spencer Forrester was diagnosed with terminal leukemia in 1990, she began seeing oncologist/therapist, Dr. Soon after Caroline died, Ridge took an interest in Taylor rather than going back to his on-and-off-again lover, Brooke Logan.Taylor however was dating her old high school friend and Brooke's brother, Storm, at the time.