Emotional intimacy and dating

I get many email questions that represent problems with emotional intimacy.

In that situation both people have made a commitment to each other but that is quite different from intimacy. Intimacy is the ability to share the deepest feelings with one’s partner.That includes sharing love, passion, creativity, laughter and joy with one another.On a deep level, it means allowing one’s partner to know the deepest secrets and the most hidden parts of one’s self.Emotional intimacy is such that one no longer feels lonely.Yet, there are countless numbers of people who feel lonely and unhappy despite the fact of marriage.

Two people may live together for many years but feel like total strangers.

One of the prime reasons for this is the fear of intimacy.

In other words, commitment is the decision two people make to stay together bult intimacy is the ability and willingness to be open and honest with the other.

It is a closeness that is both sexual and emotional.

Of course, there are individuals who fear and avoid intimacy to the extent that they avoid commitment.

How do you know if either you or your partner fear intimacy?