Egypt sex 18

Anya suggested that we should go to some desolated island where we would be all alone. So we rented a boat and rowed for about half an hour.Finally, we were alone on a beautiful island and could shoot wild sex on the beach without worrying that somebody might see us.

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Slava wanted to go to Bangkok on our last day in Thailand.

I didn’t mind, especially since I’ve never been to this city before.

Soon after we arrived there, we went for a walk and spent all day on the streets of Bangkok.

We tried to find Lucky Buddha or whatever it’s called, but failed. So we decided to just devote our evening to fucking. Hotel room sex we filmed today is just amazing, take a look!

You know there are such beaches where you can’t swim near the shore.

The sea gets deeper only a few hundred meters away from it. At first it seemed weird to us, and we didn’t like it, but then gave it a thought and decided to try something extreme. Sometimes I start complaining when Anya suggests filming outdoor porn, cause, honestly, it’s not very comfortable.

We started fucking in water, ignoring people on the beach! But then I remind myself that sex can’t be comfortable.

They were not close, but still they were staring at us and knew what we were doing. Risk and fresh air brings more excitement to love making.

So we don’t waste an opportunity whenever we have one.

Today we went for a walk to the pier, it was fun and all, but I couldn’t stop thinking about sex… We already realized that we won’t be able to shoot a beach sex scene near the hotel.