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If you use the authenticated form, you’ll need to sign in with a Google Account, but your report will carry more weight.

– Use the unauthenticated spam report form and make sure to include the word “paidlink” (all one word) in the text area of the spam report. Something like “is selling links; here’s a page on that demonstrates that” or “ buying links.

You can see the paid links on is all you need to mention.

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One thing I heard at SES London was that people wanted a way to report paid links specifically.

I’d like to get a few paid link reports anyway because I’m excited about trying some ideas here at Google to augment our existing algorithms.

Google may provide a special form for paid link reports at some point, but in the mean time, here’s a couple of ways that anyone can use to report paid links: – Sign in to Google’s webmaster console and use the authenticated spam report form, then include the word “paidlink” (all one word) in the text area of the spam report.

Update, May 12th, 2007: I finally got some time to circle back around to this subject. It’s a pretty good review of our policies at the time (e.g.

I wanted to add an example or two of the sorts of reports that we’d be interested in getting, and try to answer a few questions about paid links. Q: Can you give me some more background on how Google views paid links? link sellers can lose trust, such as their ability to flow Page Rank/anchortext.

Also, we’re open to semi-automatic approaches to ignore paid links, which could include the best of algorithmic and manual approaches.).