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These tech companies employed different growth hacking strategies to skyrocket their businesses.Materials: Expedit Shelves Description: So this is probably the biggest IKEA hack ever – a 6m x 6m wall of EXPEDIT shelves that I designed for a local stage production of the Off-Broadway musical comedy “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change“!To those unfamiliar with the show, it’s a sketch-comedy-style musical where 4 actors play over 50 characters in 20 scenes about love, dating, sex, marriage and parenting.

My design solution was to create an all-encompassing square gridded world of sleek white EXPEDIT shelving and all white furniture, where each scene could be suggested by re-arranging some shelves, furniture and some quick costume changes.This fit the premise of the show perfectly – after all, what can better describe the typical experience of a cheap college date, a young couple’s first apartment, and a family with young kids dealing with an avalanche of toys than IKEA!(And no, IKEA did not sponsor us at all.) The backdrop itself was designed as 9 units of 5×5 grid EXPEDIT shelves, reinforced with a timber frame all round, and rigged in separate groups to the mechanised flybar system in the theatre via steel cables so that they could fly vertically in and out.The shelves at the bottom were rigged to roll horizontally in and out of the wings (backstage).The computerised fly system allowed us to co-ordinate the scene changes with the music and lights, creating many different configurations such as walls, doorways, garage doors, etc.

The shelves were backed with translucent white cloth which allowed the colours to change with clever lighting from behind.

The shelves also featured a giant heart of 117 red squares, which was rigged with incandescent light bulbs and covered with red acrylic. ) These gave us the bling we needed for the finale number – pulsing, concentric hearts!

Growth hacking is a marketing technique developed by technology startups which uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure.

It can be seen as part of the online marketing ecosystem, as in many cases growth hackers are using techniques such as search engine optimization, website analytics, content marketing and A/B testing.

Growth hackers focus on low-cost and innovative alternatives to traditional marketing, e.g.

utilizing social media and viral marketing instead of buying advertising through more traditional media.