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Not only are these affairs the precursor to a full-blown, adulterous kind, but even if you never get to that stage, you’ve already broken your partner’s trust.You are getting your emotional needs met by someone else, and in the process you are probably lying to your partner about the nature of this “friendship”.

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There’s been no swapping of saliva, no one’s seen anyone naked…you may tell yourself you’re just good friends, even though you know you’re thinking about this person perhaps just a bit too much, talking to them more often than is appropriate, and sharing with them things that you would normally share only with your partner.If this all sounds familiar, and you think you’re not doing anything dangerous, you’d be wrong.Emotional affairs are a little different to your regular run of the mill friendships.My “friend” and I would walk down the street holding hands, flirt outrageously, hug often and spend long nights just talking – often about my frustrations with my boyfriend at the time.

While I told myself we hadn’t “technically” crossed any lines, it was not a friendship my boyfriend at the time would have approved of. At the time, I wanted to believe I hadn’t done anything wrong but in hindsight, I know better. And of course, the second my boyfriend and I broke up, I fell into the other guy’s bed. We know that these days – where there are more females in the workforce than ever before, where they take more equal job positions than men – the parameters of male-female friendships are constantly being redefined to fit our modern world. But even so, the parameters for platonic friendships are still are fuzzy for now – especially when one half of the friendship is already in a romantic relationship.No matter how evolved we think we’re being, there will probably at some point come suspicion and jealousy when your partner starts spending time with a new friend of the opposite sex.Adding to the grey area is the latest buzz-term in the world of deception: the Emotional Affair.These are affairs that you may not even realise you’re having, because technically, you’re not breaking any rules.