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The Facts: There are no Native American burial grounds on the project site.During the SEQRA process, the site was evaluated for potential cultural resource and any archeological significance, and specifically for any Native American resources.This evaluation included consultation with the NY Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Office, as well as local historians.

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By deploying multi-disciplinary teams we manage to seek out and harvest value from every area of the asset.CPV AMG is one of the only companies of its type to maintain: CPV AMG's corporate values are deeply-seated in a long range view: integrity, honesty, respect, transparency and teamwork.Safety is of paramount importance on all projects and in the communities where we operate.The Facts: The project is not located in a “protected agricultural area” because no such designation exists within the town or state code. Portions of the property were previously farmed and received an agricultural tax exemption, however, the property is not restricted to agricultural use.The Facts: The site underwent a thorough endangered species review during the 4+ year State Environmental Quality Review Act (known as SEQRA) process.

During that process, it was confirmed that there were no new endangered species found on the site.

In fact, this claim was reviewed and subsequently rejected by the state supreme court.

Close community relations and environmental stewardship are embedded in our mission.

We believe that when managed correctly, renewable and thermal electric generation can be a powerful force for a balanced economy and environment.

The Facts: Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel in existence and significantly reduces CO2 emissions and particulate matter in the air as compared to coal fired power plants.

The plant will meet the stringent all limits set by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation for VOC, NOx, SO2, PM and formaldehyde to protect human health and environment.