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Researchers bear full legal responsibility for the acquisition to publish from any part of said collection per Historical Sketch 1818 The New England Glass Company of East Cambridge, Massachusetts is founded. Owens born in Mason County, Virginia (now West Virginia).

New England Glass produces high-quality blown and pressed glass for home use. 1843 January 21 Edward Ford born in Greenville, Indiana, son of “Captain” John B Ford (1811-1903) 1854 April 17 Edward Drummond Libbey born in Chelsea, Massachusetts, son of William L. 1867 Captain John Ford and his sons, Edward and Emory, establish their first plate glass plant in New Albany, Indiana 1878 The American Flint Glass workers Union founded in Pittsburgh.

1880 The Fords organize a new plate glass company at Creighton, Pennsylvania following failure of New Albany venture; the original company name, New York Plate Glass Co., was later changed to Pittsburgh Plate Glass. Libbey dies; Edward takes over management of New England Glass.