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Such blissfully ignorant followers are a serious threat to individual freedom the world over. Although living in a country tailor-made for sexy fur coats during those cold winter months, no one wears them either for fear of killing the rainforest, global warming and African poverty.Clothes is not an accessory to amplify a woman’s sex appeal but a means to the end of conveying the .

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In fact, healthy Norwegian girls who train and take care of their assets are often scolded by the media and talking heads alike for promoting unrealistic expectations of how skinny girls should be. Instead they grow up with dozens of potential suitors and white knights (minus the shining armor) ready to bend over backwards just for one little sniff of their cookie.Norwegian girls, despite living in a society that’s not only thoroughly spellbound by feminist ideas but also riddled with laws whom actively discriminate in their favor, firmly believe they are part of a downtrodden social class.Stalin would be proud were he able to observe how these former independent Viking ‘kvinner’ now bow down to acquiesce, worship at the altar and even cheer on every new government expanding, wealth destroying, thieving, freedom restricting, anti-social country destroying law and regulation.9 years of public schooling has really done a number on Norway’s fairer sex.

Yes, it does take a critical independent thinking strong-willed person to see through the endless streams of left-wing propaganda they put you through there.

By falling for it though, Norwegian girls prove they are weak lackeys of the powers that be. They never wear heels, possibly because they’d break in half.

Needless to say their attitudes and views on the equality of the sexes are extremely unattractive.

Strike up a conversation with one and this shines through as soon as her burgeoning Botox lips start moving. Debating her on any of this will of course prove about as fruitful as planting a lemon tree in the Gobi desert.

Especially when those facts go against the opinions and fairy tales fabricated, rubber stamped and even officially sanctioned by their slavemaster; The State. Any man dating a Norwegian girl is in a polygamous relationship.

He is seeing two entities simultaneously: Their duty is to protect, serve and defend this deity.