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The Linear Pottery core area stretches from eastern Hungary to the Netherlands, including settlement concentrations in the Pannonian Basin, Bohemia, Moravia, central Germany and the Rhineland.

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Bands are egalitarian and based mainly on kinship and marriage and the division of labor is based on age and sex.

Bands may also be integrated into a larger community, usually called a tribe.

Bands exist in sparsely populated areas and use primitive technologies (and are often hunters and gatherers) -- ranging from the desert-dwelling Australian Aborigines, the Pygmies of the Congo rain forests, and the Kaska Indians of the Yukon.

Bands often moved seasonally to exploit wild (undomesticated) food resources.

SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: Linearbandkeramik, LBK, Linienbandkeramik (German)CATEGORY: ceramics; culture DEFINITION: A pottery of the Danubian I culture, a Neolithic culture that existed over large areas of Europe north and west of the Danube River c 5th millennium .

It consists of hemispherical bowls and globular jars, usually round-based and strongly suggesting copies of gourds.The name refers specifically to the standard incised linear decoration which was pairs of parallel lines forming spirals, meanders, chevrons, etc.There was farming of emmer wheat and barley and the keeping of domestic animals such as cattle.The most common SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: Belt Cave CATEGORY: site DEFINITION: Cave site near the southeast corner of the Caspian Sea in northern Iran with occupation levels spanning the late Palaeolithic to early farming period c 10,000-5000 .It is so named after curvilinear incised patterns which make its pottery so recognizable.This was the first farming culture in central Europe, based on grain cultivation and domesticated livestock, lasting to 3200 on its periphery.