Dating chinese guy tips

Soon you'll discover why you have all the cards stacked in your favor.

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So many "old" Chinese women are taken and out of the dating market. Many women from China are single and plan to stay that way. Their main priority might be to live for themselves so they might be either career women or care-free women.

In any case if you're cool and safe enough they'd date you. Because most local guys and China's culture will turn their backs on her.

Her dating options will go down when she hits the age of 28. This is even more encouraging if she's still looking at marriage and you are too.

Like I said before - I think that China's culture is tough on women after they reach 28.

Chinese culture would harshly refer to her as a "sheng nu" (Mandarin for 'leftover woman').

I don't know about you but I still find that age to be quite young.Then again I do like to date women with 'experience' but that's just me. If you meet a Mainland lady who's around 28 years old you can expect that she's eithermarried and thus out of the dating market.With China's one child policy and its' view on single women (low status in their hierarchy) many Mainland women are rushed into marriage.Granted this is common in Asian culture and I'm used to it by now.This is why you have a great chance at dating her if she's over 28.For dating tips that will help boost your chances of your dates turning into something more intimate put your first name and email in the boxes below.