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The word pata is derived from the Sanskrit and Pali word meaning cloth and chitra means picture.

Patachitra means picture painted on cloth and it refers to a storytelling tradition originating in the Medinipur region of West Bengal.

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A delicate leaf jacquard lends botanical grace to a sweeping pair of sheeny satin curtains. Style Name: Duck River Textile 'Leah' Pole Top Window Panels (Set Of 2). Voluptuous and beautiful it exemplifies the Oaxacan art of barro negro or black pottery.The feathery motifs are meticulously incised by hand in a stunning design.A smart pocket journal embossed in gold See a peacock with a full tail, visit Mongolia, throw a martini is someone's face (when they deserve it of course!Patuas use colors extracted from various trees leaves fruits flowers seeds and clay.Traditionally their themes revolved around mythological stories but the newer generations of Patuas paint about contemporary social issues ranging from violence against women to climate change. Patachitra artists once had a unique style of presenting their craft: they would go to different villages singing and telling the stories within the paintings with song and ethos to these themes.

Interestingly despite the fact they all belonged to the Muslim community and practiced Islam faith they all painted about Hindu gods and goddesses and sang songs in their praise.They did not see their religious beliefs as a barrier to their craft. Peacock plumage comes to life as Anakarem creates an elegant vase.These bright and playful ornaments are handmade by Guatemalan artisan Pedro Apop.The set of six terracotta ornaments includes two toucans two parrots and two peacocks that are ready to hang.Bring the tropics into your home with these delightful birds. Inspired by the beauty of nature this painting depicts a flock of peacocks in various colors.Alight in shades of peacock blue, green and gold, luminous mosaic tiles compose a stunning frame perfect for displaying your favorite photos. Style Name: Argento Sc 'Tahla - Peacock' Mosaic Picture Frame (4 X 6). India's Swarna Chitrakar paints this piece in the patachitra style which is a form of storytelling that blends oral traditions with visual imagery.