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Led by Klaus, the family and some exciting new characters will return to New Orleans, the town that they helped build centuries ago.

So let’s take things one step at a time: Season 7 wrap, vacation, lots of sleep, let the writers get started on Season 8, and then we’ll all see where we go from there.Until then, much love ;) Somerhalder’s initial remarks came just days after his co-star Kat Graham confirmed that, regardless of the series’ future, Bonnie Bennett only has one season left in her. “I just hope that whatever I do after, the crew can come with me. One of the hottest shows on television has expanded it’s enchanting universe with it’s first spin off series and casting directors and producers are on the lookout for undiscovered performers to fill out the cast.Speaking to fans of the CW drama at Walker Stalker Con in Nashville on Sunday, Somerhalder said, “We have decided to do one last season to really do the story justice.” His statement drew a quick rebuke from The CW, which insisted “no decision has been made” about the show’s future beyond the just-ordered Season 8. Late Wednesday, the actor released the following statement on Twitter: Hey all, so…Last weekend I talked to an audience at a Q&A about the end of #TVD and how excited I was to make what I believe – my last year – be as great as possible.

Somehow in my infinite wisdom and end-of-season foggy brain, I managed to make it sound like the show was coming to an end.

Cut-to the press running stories that the show would be done after Season 8.

The Vampire Diaries offshoot The Originals has proved to be just as popular with fans of the original and casting calls for a number of exciting roles for this mega-popular series are happening now.

Submissions from actors of all ages for available parts are being accepted today.

This could be your chance to be cast in one of the most intriguing new series of the year.

The Originals follows the fascinating Original family of vampires that was introduced during The Vampire Diaries season 2.