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Super Robot Wars Alpha Walkthrough by Mark Neidengard, [email protected] 1.0 This walkthrough for Banpresto's Super Robot Wars Alpha is a summary of dialog sections of the game, enhanced with strategy and combat notes. ) steps removed from being an actual dialog translation.

Oota tells the captain that he's not facing Arrowgaters or giant-type aliens, but more likely the same sort sort of beings that sunk the Luxion seven years ago.

The vice-captain tells Tashiro that their warfighting power is decreased too far and that a retreat is necessary.

He responds that they can't do that lest the aliens find out the location of the Earth.

Kazumi tells Noriko and Jung that unless they can stop the aliens here the whole Earth sphere will be toast.

The exception to this exception is Rebi Torah, whose first name would just sound too wrong pronounced "Rabbi".

A useful companion for game mechanics such as birthday/attribute tables and double-motion level list can be found at: this walkthrough, I played the Super Robot route with a female main character.While I followed all paths I could, the ones I kept while moving on are: 10 - South Atalia 21 - Hong Kong City 30 - Defeat Israfel by Force 31 - Shoot down the projectile 42 - Lean Horse, Jr. Kotetsu no KOKUPITTO ("Cockpit of Steel") Banpresto Presents: Super Robot Wars Alpha December 14, New Western Calendar 186, A. In the vicinity of the solar system's tenth planet, "Zeus" Federation Special Space Force SDF's Zeroth flagship "Exelion" The game starts out with the Exelion facing a group of unknown assailants at Zeus.Only the Exelion is left out of the battleship class vessels, and the supporting mobile suit battalion is all but destroyed.Jung doesn't need to be told that, and Noriko is badly afraid of the enemy.Oota reminds them all that if they don't use their training and fight they'll all die.After the first round of combat, you detect the gravitational signature of something warping out into the area.