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By Lisa Jo Lupo Have you ever seen a rather ugly red-and-black bug crawling across a wall in your house and wondered what it was? Following are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about this bug and its control.

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We all have self-involved ways of being, but this is an extreme sort of way of being. They feel basically that their needs, their wants, their experience, are the only things that matters.It’s very volatile; it’s dramatic, emotional, you never know what’s coming at them; the person’s up, they’re down, they’re depressed, they’re screaming, they’re yelling; their problems are the centre; their emotions are the centre of the room, and nobody else’s emotions or feelings really matter to that person very much. They have a really tough time empathizing with others, and in my field, the ability to empathize and have compassion for another person indicates a person coming into mental, emotional, and spiritual health.() So I want to address being the child of a narcissistic parent.Narcissistic personality disorder is along the lines of borderline personality disorder.Essentially, in this disorder, the person is extremely superiority oriented, and has difficulty receiving any kind of criticism.

They think of themselves as better than anyone else.Very self-centred, self-involved, in a very extreme way.They are consistently having to fight for any and all attention as the parent is the only one allowed to have problems of feelings.This video talks about this syndrome and also about how people might begin to free themselves from this type of suffering existence in their own adult relationships.Today I would like to speak a little about being the child of a narcissistic parent.Primarily I have gotten some letters from adult children of narcissistic parents.