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If you’re a foodie, there is perhaps no better place to live than Manhattan.Boasting more than 4,200 restaurants, you could eat at a different location every night for 12 years.Factor in endless entertainment offerings, incredible nightlife and 11 professional sports teams, New York City deserves its top spot on the list of cities ideally suited for Millennials.

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Below, we’ve listed the 10 best cities for Millennials to live and thrive.Median Rent: ,157 Median Income: ,703 Crime Score: Low Representative College: New York University Best Neighborhood for Millennials: Greenpoint (Brooklyn) Living in New York City is well-worth the expense.With a population of more than 8 million people, you’re sure to quickly find a social circle that can accommodate your interests.In decades past, only a tiny segment of young adults opted to move to a city following graduation.Now, roughly two-thirds choose to migrate to an urban setting.

With this trend in mind, the people at Niche, a data analysis firm for young adults, have ranked the top cities and neighborhoods for Millennials to live.

Using data collected over the course of four years, nearly 500,000 surveys from college students and recent graduates, US Census statistics and FBI crime rates, Niche was able to rank the 25 best metro areas for young adults.

Graduating from college and entering “the real world” can be a challenging adjustment, to say the least.

After spending four years (in some cases, more) living among peers your own age, who share similar interests and values, leaving campus-life behind can feel like a departure from utopia.

Years ago, you’d have little choice but to reminisce about the glory days while slowly conforming to a buttoned-up suburban existence, surrounded by adults and children whose idea of a good time meant playing a rousing game of Scrabble on a Friday night.

Fortunately, Millennials are now reversing a 100-year trend in which young people favored the quiet suburbs over frenetic metropolises when setting out on their own.