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This is an excellent and scientifically informative interview with Harald Kautz Valla on Pateo TV with Johann Oldencamp, Ph D.

Harald begins the interview with an overview of how Earth Biosphere life and elements came into being via natural progressive transmutation.

Harald discusses the history of how the alien black goo was sought after and experimented upon by Nazi Germany and is linked into those groups who practice Black Magic, and MK Ultra mind control.Many agendas have spawned from this technology, driving us towards trans-humanism, and its correlated infective, bio-technologies.Things like morgellons fibers, self assembling nano bots, pietzo crystals of specific heavy metal combinations, synthetic RNA clusters and artificial intelligence plasma systems.He says that the heavy metal toxicity of Mercury, Barium, Strontium, Titanium Oxide(?This alien black goo contains the essences of the destroyed planetary biosphere and souls of another alien consciousness, a Binary one.

This alien consciousness is unnatural to our own Biosphere form of life which is multi-chakra, essentially a Trinary system.

This meteoric impact thousands of years ago served as a kind traumatic, alien-consciousness infection of our Biosphere, which caused our innate harmonious connectedness to our own biosphere/Earth and to each other to be separated into individual consciousness where it resulted in more of a “free will” mental consciousness.

Harald said that the alien black goo is akin to a demonic-entity consciousness whose goal is to change our biosphere to enable them to incarnate into our bodies and take over our human biology, like Borg robots with a binary system of consciousness, disconnected from the heart chakra.

) from jet fuel and chemtrails helps set the foundation to change our neurochemistry and atmosphere that enables the binary AI system to take over.

It is complex, but all this, in combination with the synthetic RNA clusters in the atmosphere ( being fed by the radio signals) creates a “cloud” (ie., like a hovering spirit) which can intelligently infect humans with artificial intelligence that affects our biology, genetics, neurochemistry, and behavior.

Harald did say that this latest type of remote nano control (synthetic RNA cluster clouds with radio signals directing AI infection) has been done in the Middle East in military operations.