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Don’t let the pressure of Valentines Day get to you. Get yourself a massage or a facial and spend your day de-stressing.2) Pot Luck: Gather all of your single friends this Valentines day for a potluck celebration! With good food and good friends, make this a holiday you’ll never forget. Maybe it will become your new February 14th tradition!

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Namely, how it might unbalance human relationships and objectify women and children.A group of scientists have made their position clear in an anti-sexbot letter, titled . Kathleen Richardson, a robot ethicist at the De Montfort University in Leicester, believes this technology will not benefit society, but will continue to facilitate inequalities between men and women."If anything the development of sex robots will further reinforce relations of power that do not recognise both parties as human subjects." "We believe that sex robots reflect relations in the real human world and that the more they are developed and legitimised, the more they will reinforce the real experiences that women have in the real world," Richardson said in an interview with .In her spare time, you may find her riding her motorcycle, reading YA novels, hiking, or playing video games.It might seem easy to succumb to the pity-party of loneliness if you don’t have a date on Valentine’s day.

Fight that feeling with these suggestions for all the single people out there on February 14th: 1) Spa Day – Valentines day is probably the most commercial holiday out there.A day where Hallmark can cash in on the personal lives of people around the globe."They will contribute and add to that exploitation." The group asserts that these sex-bots will disrupt traditional relationships, hindering our capacity for empathy "that can only be developed by an experience of mutual relationship.” They worry their development will only "further reinforce power relations of inequality and violence.” But this argument has been heard before, numerous times over in arguments against new ideas and developments in human sexuality.: "The tone of the campaign suggests women are passive and denies them sexual agency by presuming that a) we would not want these sex robots to be in our image (fair enough) and b) that we don't want own sex robots made for our own pleasure." We are far from getting the Jude Law sexbot depicted in Stephen Spielberg's movie Natalie has been writing professionally for about 6 years.After graduating from Ithaca College with a degree in Feature Writing, she snagged a job at where she had the opportunity to review all the latest consumer gadgets.Since then she has become a writer for hire, freelancing for various websites.