College professors dating their students

Prospective undergraduate students are often asked to submit recommendation letters from high school teachers as part of the business school application process.Graduate school applicants are also asked to submit recommendations from college professors.

As you are reading the sample letter below, take note of the required format for recommendations - the letter contains short paragraphs and multiple line breaks for easy readability.The letter also contains the name of the person who wrote it as well as contact information. To Whom It May Concern: Jenna Breck was a student in my debate class and has also been on my debate team for three years at Big Stone High School.I would definitely consider Jenna to be an ideal student.Over the years, she has earned my respect by consistently working hard to achieve high grades and set an example for other students.Getting a letter from someone who is familiar with your classroom behavior and academic ability can show admissions committees that you are dedicated to your education and have made good impressions on those in the educational community in the past.

The content of this letter could be very beneficial to the applicant.

The letter does a good job of demonstrating the applicant's motivation and self-discipline.

It also cites specific examples to support the recommendation.

The academics at Big Stone High School are rigorous and could be considered more challenging that academics at the average high school.

Jenna not only kept up with all of the requirements, but also went above and beyond by seeking out more advanced courses like honor's algebra and AP chemistry.

Jenna is also a confident speaker and and outstanding debater.