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1481 Yorktowne Drive Lawrence, PA 15055 724-514-6522 Biographical Info: After high school, I started a career as a hair stylist and was owner of a salon in Oakland and wig wholesale house in Squirrel Hill. Spouse: Herb Spolan (deceased) Very Significant Other: Gerry Topkin Children: 2 sons + 2 daughters (Gerry's) Grandchildren: 2 grandsons/2 grandaughters + Gerry's 1 grandson/2 granddaughters Biographical Info: Biographical Info: A lot has happened since the last reunion.

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I rarely see any former classmates and it will be great to do so at the reunion. Became part of several Internet companies and biotech companies afterwards. I still play the piano and enjoy bicycling when I can find the time. I was a Buyer at Macy's, have owned two different retail specialty stores and now am continuing with my dog breeding program. Children: 1 son, 1 daughter Biographical Info: I moved to Los Angeles, California after graduating from Penn State in 1969. Returned to Los Angeles in 1988 as CFO to start a finance company that became publicly traded. Life seems to get busier as I get older and there is never enough time for all the things I need or want to do. of San Francisco for about 20 years, in the Foothills of the Sierra Mountains on 5 acres for about 10 years, and now in the High Desert of Nevada for 10 years. Became a CPA in 1972 while working for Arthur Andersen & Co. Moved to San Diego in 1978 for a job opportunity and Baton Rouge, LA in 1982 while working for the same company. From the time I left Pittsburgh in 1965, I've worked in the theatre in New York City, Ithaca, New York, Texas, Missouri, Oregon and Washington state. I'm married to a fundraiser and we have a daughter who goes to Pitt and intends to work in politics.

Self-employed: Shadowhawk Labrador Retrievers I have owned, showed and bred English Labrador Retrievers for about 39 years. I also have rescued wild Mustangs, abused horses and a wild donkey. I stay very active in sports, still enjoy playing chess and play Texas Hold 'Em for relaxation. Spouse: Mel Baer Children: 1 daughter Biographical Info: I've lived in Seattle for the last 26 years and work as a Theatre Professor at Cornish College of the Arts.

Spouse: John Children: i adult daughter, 1 adult son Grandchildren: 2 beautiful granddaughters Biographical Info: Married 38 years. I now reside in Newport Beach, CA working in the financial field.

She is an angel for living with me all these years. Working for the State of Pennsylvania is different than any other job I have ever had.

I have been married for 43 years to the most wonderful person, Ceal, that I have ever known. My wife retired 2 years ago and I am preparing to sign my papers soon.

My work with the mentally ill was featured on NPR's Morning Edition. Spouse: Ceal Children: 1 son, Donald; 1 daughter, Melinda (deceased) Biographical Info: It has been a great 50 years since we all graduated. I really wish that I had known about the earlier reunions. Twenty five years ago, we moved to Lancaster County from the Pittsburgh area for employment reasons. In 1998, I finally went back to college and completed my degree.

I've also worked as a drama therapist with the chronically mentally ill and kids in detention.