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Smartwatches have never quite caught on with consumers, and yet they continue to fascinate we on the fringes of Geek Chic.

Dating back to the days of Casio’s calculator and Data Bank models, the novelty of packing computing power on our wrists has held some strange appeal to at least a few of us.

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The watch itself is a 1.5-inch square, about half an inch thick when clipped to the band, and weighs a scant 0.55 oz.Smart Watch sat a little bit high on my wrist, given the depth of the hardware, spring clip and band, but it wore perfectly well as a watch.The multitouch display and a single hardware button on the right spine serve as the device’s only controls, and there’s an ambient light sensor on the front fascia and a charging cable is included in the consumer packaging.Interacting with the watch itself was generally okay: The touch display was responsive, but the screen was a bit small for the two-fingered pinch gesture required to close out of apps and might be a wee bit small for some users to swipe around in.Among the entrants is Sony, ney Sony Ericsson, who this week launches Smart Watch in the U. Priced at 9.99, Smart Watch requires a compatible Android smartphone to bring “timely and personal information …

straight to your wrist.” Think Email, Facebook and Twitter updates, Calendar notifications, and so on. If I’m going to wear it as a watch, I don’t want to have to press a button just to see the time.Dick Tracy, meet the 21st Century, where flows through your cell phone. I understand turning the display off to save battery life, but engineers are smart; surely they can think of a low powered way to keep the time displayed onscreen? While the included silicon watchband (mine was grey, five other color options are available) isn’t the most luxurious watch bracelet out there, but it’s perfectly comfortable, sporty, and colorful.Being the newly minted smart watch enthusiast I am, I eagerly accepted Sony’s offer to spend a few pre-launch days with Smart Watch wrapped around my wrist. Apparently not, as Smart Watch uses the same “press button to wake from sleep in order to see the time” system as Apple’s i Pod nano. Smart Watch clips onto the wristband – or your clothing, for that matter – and Sony is making available an adapter for those who want to wear Smart Watch with their own choice of band.Then again, Sony’s likely not targeting the sort of user who’d find a 1.3-inch wristtop display constraining.Also of note, the internal vibrating motor worked quite well, alerting me in no uncertain terms of incoming events.I’m spoiled by a never ending stream of ultra-high resolution mobile phone displays that trick my brain into thinking my eyes are seeing actual print.