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The customer's credit card or checking account is charged by your online payment processor or automated clearing house (ACH).The customer's account balances are updated automatically and any outstanding payments are closed.BRM supports direct debit of funds by using Paymentech and all of the credit cards supported by Paymentech.

See your Paymentech documentation for the latest information.

When you select direct debit payment support during installation, the direct debit payment method is defined in the BRM system, and direct debit is available as a payment method when creating or modifying an account.

For more information about direct debit processing, see "Implementing a Direct Debit Payment Method".

BRM also supports Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) Direct Debit and SEPA Credit Transfer as BRM-initiated payments.

For more information about SEPA payment processing, see "About SEPA Payment Processing".

Figure 2-1 shows how BRM handles BRM-initiated payments: BRM supports Paymentech's Account Verification function in the BRM-initiated payment processing for Paymentech.

This Account Verification functionality complies with Paymentech Online version 7.4 Revision 3.

This chapter describes Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM)–initiated payment processing, and provides information on how to set it up in your BRM system.

For information on using Paymentech to process credit card or direct debit payments, see "Configuring BRM-Initiated Payment Processing".

For information about handling externally initiated payments, such as checks or cash, see "Managing Externally Initiated Payments".

A BRM-initiated payment is a payment that requires no action from the customer.