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I promise the entries get more lighted-hearted from here, save for the occasional occurrences of abuse, both substance and domestic.He dated Kim after she got down with noted songsmith Ray J, but before their leaked sex tape came out.

No one is surprised by the coupling of athletes and porn stars.They’re both performers, they’re both (largely) fit and attractive, and they’re both kinda famous.Rather, I was surprised by how FEW instances there were of relationships or even liaisons between the two professions.In fact, two of the entrants on this list have dated multiple athletes. Here are seven instances of jocks and starlets gettin’ down.Capriati dated male porn star Dale Da Bone (that may not be his Christian name) from 2003-2009.

However, even after they had broken up, the relationship was still plaguing her.In June 2010, an ambulance was called to her condo after Capriati overdosed on prescription drugs.According to Da Bone she overdosed in response to the news that he had gone back into adult movies.If she’s anything at all (which I’m not willing to concede), she’s a porn star. Pearce became five months pregnant, claiming that Bonds knocked her up during a three-day fling during the summer of 1994.The sometimes-Heisman-winning running back dated the starlet for three years, though it devolved to an on-and-off relationship towards the end. (who I actually trust to report crap like this) that he was bothered by her rising fame. In his parade of Olive Garden hostesses, zookeepers, and foreign dignitaries, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Woods dated a porn star. Or it could have been really well covered at the time, but I just happened to be 14, so I about a year away from being obsessed with porn. He denied it, but he and his wife separated later the next May.I’m sure that Ray J sex tape was no walk in the park either, especially when opposing fans would chant his name during games. If you don’t think that what they did constitutes “dating,” bear in mind that she has 122 text messages from him. Turns out Bonds was cheating a long time before we thought he was.