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The Xml Reader class is an abstract bases classes and contains methods and properties to read a document. Besides reading functionality, this class also contains methods to navigate through a document nodes. Load Xml method loads XML document from a specified string. Using Save method you can write XML data to a string, stream, Text Writer or Xml Writer.

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This article explains about the XML Prograaming using VB. In this article we will explore XML classes and namespaces of . This class provides many write method to write XML document items.

NET Framework Class Library and how to use them in VB. XML has been an integral part of programming these days since the world of programming is moving towards the web. This class is base class for Xml Text Writer class, which we'll be using in our sample example. Although, this class represents a single node of XML but that could be the root node of an XML document and could represent the entire file.

XML is one of the most useful easier ways to store and transfer data. NET framework utilizes XML to store data and transfer data between applications and remote systems including local, intranet or on the Internet. NET Runtime Library contains many classes to work with XML documents. This class is an abstract base class for many useful classes for inserting, removing, and replacing nodes, navigating through the document.

In this article we will explore XML classes and namespaces of . These classes are stored in five namespaces - System. It also contains properties to get a parent or child, name, last child, node type and more.

NET Framework Class Library and how to use them in VB. Three major classes derived from Xml Node are Xml Document, Xml Data Document and Xml Document Fragment.

This class also has a method Skip to skip current node and move to next one. The Xml Write class contains functionality to write data to XML documents. Read String, Read Inner Xml, Read Outer Xml, and Read Start Element are more read methods. You can use Xml Data Document to read an XML document and generate a Data Set or read data from a Data Set and generate an XML file. Some of these methods are Move To Attribute, Move To First Attribute, Move To Content, Move To First Content, Move To Element and Move To Next Attribute. The following example in List 4 shows you how to use Xml Document class's Read, Read Xml and Save methods. The Xml Data Document is used to provide synchronization between Data Set and XML documents. In this article, we are going to concentrate on reader and write class. The Xml Node Type enumeration has a member for each type of XML item such as Attribute, CDATA, Element, Comment, Document, Document Type, Entity, Process Instruction, White Space and so on. In this sample example, We create a new xml file c:\xml Writer using Xml Text Writer: After that we add comments and elements to the document using Writexxx methods. This namespace contains many classes to read and write XML documents. To String()) The Node Type property of Xml Text Reader is important when you want to know the content type of a document. The below sample example summarizes all these methods and creates a new xml document with some items in it such as elements, attributes, strings, comments and so on. In this sample example, we create a new xml file c:\xml Writer Xml Document class represents an XML document and provides methods and properties to load and save a document.