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A bus driver was sacked after he filmed bizarre videos of passengers from behind the wheel.

On the site he appears to defend his decision to record the footage, stating: "I posted a very harmless video on Facebook of a sweet old lady who gets on my bus and she responded perfectly with me.

"The video soon got thousands of shares and thousands of views.

But then my work caught fire of what was going on and I was asked to resign leaving me helpless as a slug in salt hahaha." He has received eight donations totalling just £50 since it was set up with one donor stating: "Video is worth at least a fiver.

Read more: Couple having sex on tube station platform 'could have been a prank' And after his dismissal, he set up a fundraising page to 'help a jobless brother out'.

A source at the company said: "When we became aware he was hauled in and suspended from his route.

"He was obviously driving the bus when the video was shot and talking to a passenger to encourage dialogue for entertainment purposes. Can't have a laugh bro." It is understood Mr Morrow, from Paisley, has since resigned from his job with Mc Gill's.It was completely unacceptable, on so many levels." He later removed the videos from his Facebook page saying: "Sorry everyone the video has to come down people phoning my work and complaining." Responding to a friend he added: "Done it for a laugh mate work phoned me to take it down said customer services were at the work. Read more: Man battered by thug on subway and left with two black eyes 'because he looks like Shia La Beouf' He subsequently set up a crowdfunding website asking for cash donations titled 'Help a now jobless brother out - by Leon Morrow'.During the footage the bus can be seen travelling at speed through a residential area in Glasgow.Writing on Facebook Mr Morrow said: "Trust me troops I've been waiting for this opportunity for months to show yees!Enjoy it." He also posted another video of his grinning face as he sat behind the wheel, which has been altered with a filter to make him look like comic book villain The Joker.Mr Morrow was dragged before Mc Gill's bosses when customers complained, the Daily Record reported .